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Serial Numbers

One of the reasons I keep this sight updated is to help fellow Feather Craft owners Identify what Feather Craft they have. For the most part the catalog pictures will help determine the model and the year. For most, at least the model. The best way if you still are not sure from the catalog pictures is to locate the serial number for your boat.
The serial number on my 1955 Vagabond was located in two places. As seen in the pictures above the number is stamped on the transom near the motor, the red arrow points to the stamped number.
Also under the dash is a Feather Craft decal that not only listed the "Serial Number" but the "Model", "H.P. Capacity", and "Passenger Capacity".


Decrypting the serial numbers for model years 1951 to 1959

My serial number is: V4-256-55
V =
Vagabond. (this will of cousre be different for each model, dr = Deluxe Runabout, etc...)
4 =
Fourth month of the year that the boat was built.
256 =
The production number so far that year.
55 =
Year boat was built and model year (i.e. 1955).
There are serveral variations and I don't have all the paticulars yet, but will update the page when I can.
Another serial number for a Vagabond is: VII 11 220 567B
Vagabond II.(Walk thru console)
11 =
Eleventh month of the year that the boat was built.
220 =
The production number so far that year.
56 =
Year boat was built (i.e. 1956).
7 =
Model year (i.e. 1957).
B =
Blue anodizing!!! A "G" would mean the boat was GOLD anodized...
The twist on the year is that the boat was built in 1956 for the 1957 model line.

Serial number front letter designations:

This list does not cover all designations, new ones are added as they are known...
V = Vagabond, VII = Vagabond II, FF = Firefly, CL = Clipper, DCL = Deluxe Clipper, CR = Cruisette, IL = Islander
A = Penguin, RIV = Ranger IV, DR = Deluxe Runabout, L = Lark, CS = Cisco, RR = Rocket Runabout
H = Hawk, HII = Hawk II, XF = Experimental Flyer, T = Topper, F = Favorite & Falcon, S = Skipper
If there are any corrections or updates to the information displayed, please contact me and let me know. I want to provide the most accurate information that I can.

For models years 1950 and below

For serial number: 1-6-592-48
1 = Represents the model of the boat
6 = Sixth month of the year that the boat was built.
592 = The production number so far that year.
48 = Year boat was built (i.e. 1948).
1 = Runabout, 2 = Vagabond, 3 =

Listed above is the new Serial number database. The databse contains the serial numbers that have been submitted by Fellow Feather Craft owners. This list is intended to help show where the Feather Craft boats are. Check to see if your Feather Craft Serial number is listed and see who's Feather Craft was built around the same time as yours.
This information is based upon information submitted, if you do not see yours submit it today. Let me know of any information that is incorrect or if you want your deleted from the list. PLEASE update your serial number with City and State.
This database is intended for Feather Craft Boats only, any anomalous or false entries will be deleted.
Thanks!! for you support...