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EBAY Affiliate Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) requires anyone engaged in affiliate marketing in the U.S. to clearly and conspicuously disclose that they may receive compensation for their promotion of third-party products or services. This applies to all ePN Partners based in or conducting business from the United States and applies to any format of affiliate marketing activity, including:

●        Mobile apps, websites, or blog posts with promotional content or ePN links

●        Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media promotion

●        Podcasts, chat boards, Bulletin Board System, image dumps, apps, redirected pages

●        Any media whatsoever that contains a relationship where an ePN Partner may be compensated by a third-party or merchant in exchange for their referral to the third-party sales pages

The FTC also requires companies who manage affiliate marketing programs, such as eBay, to regularly review ePN Partner activity to ensure they are using their best efforts to comply with FTC guidance. 

Disclosure Must Be Close and Easily Seen (Conspicuous)

o    Disclosure must be easy for any reasonable visitor to your content to find. forum

The links you see on the forum for eBay listings are connected to an affiliate program with eBay. There is a commission paid to by eBay if you click on those links. 

As an eBay partner, the website maybe compensated when eBay links listed on the forum are clicked on.