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In 1948 and 1949 Feather Craft boats hit the racing circuit..
Atlanta Firm Building New Racing Boats
Something new in the way of streamlined racing boats is being manufactured here by Feather Craft, Inc. 575 Marietta st., N.W.The craft, an all aluminum job, is made to carry an outboard motor, and it is designed for use with C. D, E, and F Stock utility racing motors.
The company, which was incorporated here in July 1946, is sending one of the new boats called the “Flyer” to Chicago, where it will be on display at the National Boat Show Feb. 10 through 19. One of the two real racing models to be produced by Feather Craft, the boat was flown to the Windy City Thursday via Delta Air Lines.
Frank Kibler, vice-president and sales manager of the firm said Feather Craft is rapidly expanding its dealer organization and is now serving a national market.Production averages 25 to 35 units a week during the winter or slack season, and climbs up to a peak of 65 or more during peak season in the summer.Most of the workers at the plant are former Bell Bomber plant workers, Mr. Kibler said.
Products include a number of different kinds of small craft, all of aluminum, varying from utility rowboats and swamp skiffs to fishing boats and racers.W. Douglas Knight is President and production manager of the company.
Information provided by: Roger Schleicher - Roger's boat in the article and a nice color photo...

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