Network Alert System - Downloads

Network Alert System - Downloads

CovertCall Downloads:


CovertCall - Default Alert Messages
You can download the default alert messages and request a change prior to shipment of CovertCall.


CovertCall - End User License Agreement
You can download a copy of our end user software license agreement.



CovertCall - Data Sheet
You can download a data sheet to share with others about what CovertCall is and how it can provide a Network Alert System for you.


CovertCall - 30 Day Demo
You can download a 30 day demo of CovertCall and install it to see if it is the right product for you.  At the the end of the 30 days you can purchase the program  with the standard amount of network seats, By the base package plus the amount of additional network seats needed to have the program running on all your network PC's, or uninstall it.

 Contact us for us to send you a 30 Day Demo