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Feather Craft Racing

In 1948 and 1949 Feather Craft boats hit the racing circuit.. Atlanta Firm Building New Racing Boats   Something new in the way of streamlined racing boats is being manufactured here by Feather Craft, Inc. 575 Marietta st., N.W.The craft, an all aluminum job, is made to carry an outboard...

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Fleet Feather Craft

Posted to Forum on old site by "Mac Boat" It seems that from all the great input that there is a use for a dedicated Canadian Fleet Feather Craft thread so here it is. The following is copied form a very informative submission from Canadian Rocket. I hope you don't mind me pulling this over...

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Flying Feather Craft

Bensen B-8B Gyro-Boat The Gyro-Boat is a further variant of the Gyro-Glider, in which the basic free-turning rotor system, known as the Roto-sail, is mounted on any standard small dinghy. The result is literally a flying boat, intended to be towed above water by a motor boat. The...

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Feather Craft History

Frank Kibler was one of the key players and last owner of the Feather Craft Boat Company. Below are a few photos that are from Frank Kiblers personal photo albums. ( the pictures change each time this page is opened.)

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Feather Craft Meteor

The Myth... Feather Craft in late 40's and early 50's did a production run on an inboard version of their aluminum boat called the "METEOR". While shown below are some photos of a Meteor, it is still a myth as to whether or not any survived... From time to time one pops up but the owners are...

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Feather Craft Newsletters

Feather craft did a short run on two different newsletters in the year 1957. Below is what I was able to recover of these newsletters. The first newletter was titled "FLEET LINES" which later became "FEATURES OF FEATHER CRAFT"...

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