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Logos of Feather

Throughout the Years the Feather Craft logo has changed almost as often as the boat models themselves..  Please take a look at the different logos used by Feather Craft.

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Feather Craft Articles

Feather Craft boats continue to show up in magazines.  Once somebody sees their first Feather Craft they discover what we have all known all along, and that is how great these boats are.  As a diamond in the rough these boats are written about like they are a lost treasure, and that they...

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Knoxville Flying Boatmen

Several Vagabonds were bought by an amateur marine stunt group called "The Flying Boatmen of Knoxville, Tennessee" who entertained thousands with closely coordinated barrel rolls, tight V and trail manuevers, spin-outs and other thrill-a-minute tactics. The pictures below are from Mike Crowder...

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Steve's Boat

1955 Vagabond I saw my first Feather Craft in 2000, a 1957 Vagabond II with a walk thru console. After a 2 1/2 year search I hooked up with Mr. Feather Craft himself Jim W. Jim sent me information on a 1955 feather Craft Vagabond I, that he had for sale. During the months to follow Jim sent...

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