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Hookup - Wiring / Cables / etc...

Here is a quick reference for people looking to hookup their boat with a new motor, new steering, etc... Below are factory and hand Made drawings of how to hook up the wiring or cables for your boat.  I will continue to add more as they are made available.

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Feather Crafts in Boat Shows

Much like today, Feather Craft boats were always an eye catcher.  Feather Craft boats hit the boat show circuit. Feather Craft boats below are from boat shows in 1956, 1957, 1958, & 1960. See photographers note on the bottom of each drawing...

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Vintage Trailers

Here is a quick reference on several brochures I have come across for Vintage trailers. These old trailers are highly sought after as many Feather Craft Owners want to display and trailer boat on a classic vintage trailer.

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Outboard Paint Codes

To help assist in getting the right color for the restoration of your outboard, here are some of the paint codes for the old outboards...  These paints are available through ReproTint.  Check out the weblinks for their website.

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Feather Craft Pontoons

Here is another gem... Feather craft it its later years produced boats for various other applications, some of the models are drastically different from what we have all come to know...

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Feather Craft Model Boat

The following is a quote from Scott's Toy Boat Page: "This is a boat I wish I had built. It was built by my friend Brian Koch using thin gauge aluminum, epoxy and LOTS of patience. It is modeled after a mid 1950s Feathercraft Vagabond. It is even setup for Remote Control! Beautiful work Brian!"...

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