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Gower Island Rivet Rendezvous

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Gower Island Rivet Rendezvous 2016 - Gower Island Rivet Rendezvous 2018 - Gower Island Seawall Improvements 2016


Gower Island Rivet Rendezvous

Location is: Gower Island / Harsens Island Michigan, the island is located off the shores on Harsens Island, Michigan, in Muscamoot Bay.  Being an island you can only get there by boat.  The island does not have any power other than a generator, there are two indoor toilets, one in the main cabin and one in the outhouse.  The water that runs through the facets is lake water so all drinking water must be brought out to the island.  On clam nights the island host the other state bird, the mosquitoes...  To get to the island you must first take a ferry to Harsens Island and then travel to the state boat launch located on the west side of the island that is kiddy corner from Browns bar.

Ferry Fees: $10.00 for cars and $10.00 for single axle trailers, this covers both directions, you will turn right off the ferry.

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