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Rivets, boating, rivets, friends, rivets, family, rivets, good times...


Friends, Family, Rivets, Good times...

This event takes place twice a year, once in May and the other in September.  What is becoming the premier event of the year for Feather Craft Boats.  September of 2018 had 43 Feather Crafts show up, two 60 mile cruises were done by 21 and 22 boats.

We even had a wedding celebration for two rivetheads, Rob & Carey...

  • Wedding Celebration

  • Wonderful Resort and great covered docking

  • Great Waterways

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Gower Island Rivet Rendezvous

Rivets on the Great Lakes...

Not to be out done by all of the events down south and out east, Gower Island opened its doors for a northern retreat.   Riveted boats are cruising the largest fresh water delta, and they get to play with large freighters ....  Good food, good drinks, and one riveting time....

  • Gower Island

  • Rivets

  • Harsens Island & the Great Lakes...

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Steve Gower


Hospitality at it best, Friends and rivets unite...

Located in North Carolina, on Lake Norman, Our Gracious host Russ and Kathy opened the doors to their lake resort.  This annual event grew from a handful of boats to 31 boats by its sixth year.  Good times were had by all, friends, food, drink, and rivets unite...

  • Rivet Island

  • Rivets

  • Lake Norman


Your business is our business

This bi-annual event now replaced by Arrowhead took place twice a year.  Held in May and September. A great reason for rivetheads to unite...

Upper Niagara River Can-Am

Friends, Family, Rivets, Good times...

Just down river from the famous Niagara Falls Feather Crafts unite to cruise the Niagara River. On the border of Canada and the United States the Can-Am event takes place.

  • Niagara Falls

  • Niagara River

  • Rivets

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Wayne Beaton

Big Texas Round Up

Rivets Texas Style

Held down on Lake Callendar, rivetheads cruised, drank, ate, and laughed.  Thank You Damon for hosting this event.

Feather Craft Liars Club

What good stories are made from, Liars...

Held down in Florida, the annual Feather Craft Liars Club unites... Not much more can be said as it maybe a lie...

  • Florida

  • Liars

  • Rivets

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Rob Reister

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