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Steve Gower's 1955 Vagabond


This is my 1955 Vagabond that started me out on this riveted journey... I live in Michigan just north of Detroit.

More info on my boat Click Here.

Dock at Hessel Boat Show 2018   At the 2015 Hessel Wooden Boat Show
Docked at our island along side Alan Biltz's 1955 Vagabond   Dock at RP5
At RP4 next to Terry & Natalie's Deluxe Runabout   Frosted
Crusin' Lake Norman   Boat Parade 2015, Harsens Island, Michigan, South Channel. My Vagabond's in the back. Alan Biltz's 1955 Vagabond is in the lead...
Three Vagabonds in a row at the 2015 Hessel Wooden boat Show