Hello, My Name is David Innis (Dave), aka nsul8r25.  Several years ago I saw an aluminum runabout for sale on the side of the road.  I had never seen anything like it!  It had a mirror finish and those rivets, those rivets! It looked like a WWII fighter sitting there all polished up.  I couldn’t wait to get home and find out what the heck this beauty was.  Once I was home, I discovered that it was an AeroCraft that was built in the 50’s.  I researched a little more, I discovered something…  


FeatherCraft!... "This is it!"...  The lines of a barrelback ChrisCraft and the beauty of the WWII bombers and fighters that I have always admired. I was instantly hooked. It didn’t take me long to find the FeatherCraft site and I knew that one day I would have one of these for my own. I searched for about a year and a half. Boats would pop up for sale and I would dream, sometimes consider traveling to "Take a Look". I would pop in from time to time on the FeatherCraft site, but would not sign-in. Then one day while I was considering, and talking my wife into traveling to New Hampshire to possibly purchase a Vagabond (1600 mile roundtrip), a boat that would end up being purchased by RickG...


1958 Vagabond II w/ 1956 Evinrude Lark













...A 1958 Vagabond II showed up for sale just 20 miles away. The seller purchased the boat 6 years earlier in GA and brought it to Michigan with the intent to restore it and enjoy it, but college tuition to pay for and not having the time, convinced him to sell the boat. He had never had the boat in the water. As I was hooking the boat to the car, the seller looked at my wife and said, "I just want to warn you… these things are addictive. Once he has one, he’s going to want another" This reflected emotions that were already stirring within me that I dared not share with my wife who, at this point was somewhat reluctant. How true these words would be... 










It was less than a year later when a special little boat showed up on Craigslist and a fellow member, Troy Rice, posted it on the site. It was a 1950 FireFly. The seller had no idea what it was, and how unique it was. He had the boat for 26 years and only had it in the water on two occasions. The remainder of it’s time was spent as a lawn ornament and jungle gym for his kids and grandkids.  He was so excited to learn how unique this boat was and was pleased to know that it would be restored and appreciated for years to come.  At one time, the seller considered cutting the top deck off and making a "fishing boat!" out of it.  To both our relief, he never did...


1950 FireFly w/ '57 Evinrude Fastwin             

1950 FireFly

And only a couple of months had past
 when a little fishing boat came up for sale. It sat on an old trailer that was much too large for it. It ended up being a 1951 Penguin on a 1958 Tee Nee trailer. Currently I am restoring the Tee Nee trailer to use with the Vagabond and 
decided that the Penguin would make a great learning tool for my boys on the responsibility of ownership, while giving me the opportunity to, not only teach them some skills, but allow us to learn some new ones together.  I can't think of anything better.  So I gave them the boat and they have begun restoring it...


1951 Penguin w/ Johnson TD-20 5hp

1951 Penguin

 *This boat has become my wife’s favorite


I am forever grateful for the FeatherCraft Site… 

*Could you find a better endorsement?


 ...and to those who contribute to it!





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