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welcome, i found this beast in june 2015, the tumblehome was to much to resist, i had to have it!

this is also when i found this site, i had great help resolving what i had, apparently it is a  57 fleet feathercraft, ranger111 out of fort erie, ontario,canada...#81 off the line.. they only built these for a year and a luck.....also and including the gator trailor as a bonus....

so the journey begins, the more i learned from here the more i realized my ship's been hacked, walk through console, bow deck, all the steering, even the rear compartments.

but i was lucky, they were all replaced with 3 thick coats of tremclad paint, body filler, and 10 lbs of rusted steel bolts,nuts and washers..........had to roll up the sleeves

so with the help of all those here who took their time to educate me on how to restore with what i have in front of me, the rebuild began, trying to put as much original decking back along with my own twist of seating, and rear deck,  i have now gone further than i ever expected, this is a good thing, i think!  of coarse it is!!!!


personaly i would like to thank everyone, everyone who kindly shared their knowledge in helping me along my journey...and accepting me into the feathercraft family.....i now too hope somehow i can also make a difference for anyone looking to do the same, i am still learning, but am willing to do and offer any help that will pass on the generousity i recieved from the gang to all who have been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt






big, black and ugly  

gotta love the tumblehome....

kinda like me on friday nights

of coarse, must have period correct motor, 56, 30hp   now to start with a clean slate
new dash ready to iinstall   thanks bruceter, period correct handles
new transom  

 riveted the new logo plates, 

thanks rushwal, logo's look awesome

cruising at telico dam, fall 2016...........yahooooooooo