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I thought I'd try my luck at creating something my fellow Rivetheads would enjoy checking out. I'm sure it'll be an ongoing project. But, with all projects, one has to begin some where. This is where this one begins.


I was introduced to FeatherCrafts back in '92 when a former coworker of mine asked if I was familiar with the brand. I  grew up around boats but had never heard of them. I still remember him sketching the hull shape, explaining the barrelback stern and telling me that, if I should ever find one, I'll want one. 

My search began the following day but it wasn't until I moved to TN in '99 that I finally saw one in person, a silver '57 Vagabond. My friend was right. I had to have it. I gave the seller a deposit and took delivery the following day.

It had a period correct Scott-Atwater, a motor I was totally unfamiliar with. I joined the AOMCI shortly there after, thinking it would be a good source for help and information. You can imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered they were having a meet that Fall in Louisville which not too far away from where I lived.

I was too lazy to take the motor off so I attended the meet with it hanging off the back of my FC. As I'd expected, there weren't many boats at the meet, mostly just antique motors on stands and laying around on the ground. My Vagabond got a lot of attention and I remember people commenting that they were familiar with FCs. I heard a couple of attendees mention that they were going to go home and return with their FC in tow. Before long, there were several more FCs present and phone numbers exchanged. Since then, it seems to me that the Louisville meets have become more FeatherCraft oriented than anything else. No complaints. Just an opinion.

I joined the forum and learned a lot. One thing in particular was that I had to have a Rocket. The search began anew. It took a couple more years but I found and bought one. The gold '56 shown below that I named "Fools Gold". I found myself using it more than the Vagabond so I decided to sell ol' "Flashblack". A decision I regretted for quite some time.

In the Winter of 2014 I found, and bought a replacement for "Flashback", a '56 silver Vagabond with an Evinrude Big Twin on the back. I named this one "Flashback" also.

This past October I found and purchased a blue '57 Rocket. That restoration began the following month.


I believe I share the opinion of everyone else on the forum with regard to how helpful and informative it has been. I'm especially thankful for the friends I've made here and look forward to making more in the future.



My '56 Vagabond just after being polished. Its resting on a Hustler trailer that I restored during the Summer of '15.   My '56 Rocket. Hustler custom made the trailer for this boat.
   FC Blue Rocket beached.jpg
My'57 Rocket II. I consider this a "Before" shot as it was taken a few months ago, prior to beginning my restoration of it.   An "After" shot taken on Fort Patrick Henry Lake.
Group shot taken at Arrowhead Resort during the Fall get together on Watts Bar Lake   Taken up stream of the Melton Hill Lake Dam in Oct of '15
Another one taken at Arrowhead Resort. Ed Baer's DR in the foreground and VinTin arriving for breakfast.




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