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At Rivetpalooze V



On Lake Lanier



Nick Z., John C., John R., and Ray M. replacing impeller on a vintage Merc at an AOMCI meeting in Louisville TN.



Ray M. in his Feather Craft Flyer, Louisville TN., May 2015



Ray M., John C., Dave F., Nick Z., Louisville TN. May 2015 in Ray's Vagabond



John F. at RPV June 2014. Me in the background and Rob R.'s 1957 35hp Evinrude. John is wearing my 3x magnifier

glasses for the first time.



Charlie D. Second Fall meet 2014, Louisville TN



Nick Z. Second Fall meet 2014, Louisville TN



Larry K. Second Fall meet 2014, Louisville TN



Carol T. Second Fall meet 2014, Louisville TN



John F. 1958 Vagabond and 1957 35hp Evinrude. My vintage OMC outboard motor mentor.



Mike V. RPV 1958 Rocket 1956 40hp merc 55E



John C. 1958 Ranger 40hp Evinrude RPV



Dan on rope with me in my Vagabond, John C. in the water with Mark's Firefly, Ray M in his Vagabond with passenger John F. who piloted the mishap. No harm done and no injuries.



Jay in his Cherokee with 40hp OMC RPV



Jennings K. and son Brady in their 1958 Hawk with 40hp OMC RPV



Merc George with Roxy in a DR with a 30hp Mark 30



Bill H. in his 40's runabout with 25hp omc at RPV



Dr. Chip B. and I, Darlene and Russ in the background RPVI.



RPVI Men group photo



RPVI Women




Rob R in his new Vagabond RPVI 40hp OMC


Looks like I hit the directory size limit of 2meg with this last photo.