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14ft Fisher

This is My new Craigslist find. Looking to restore/ repair this ole girl. Not sure the extent of restoration that is going to happen but, For me It's all about a bit of down time work/fun.  This is my first Aluminum boat restore - so I'm starting small.


Just picked this up from a craigslist find in Defuniak Springs FL.   She is home safely
Time to measure and build racks. New home for the winter.   No that is NOT rust. it is a boatload full of carpet glue. ohh the joy!
Decoding the serial. Could not have done it without this site.    Anyone up for some Swiss cheese? Looks like I'll need two rolls of FLEX SEAL. HAHAHA
Opened the rear seat for 1st time since 1956. WOW! that was nasty! What did that Styrofoam do? besides get nasty?    Had a few color changes over the years.  1st - Gold Anodized aluminum, 2nd tan, 3rd- brick red.
After some paint stripper and 2500PSI water most paint gone
Started to clean the bottom side. I see a few weekends here!  Removed 90% of the paint and now the fun 10% is left.