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Awarded and sophisticated, these boats were ahead of their times and the company never got to realize the enthusiasm that these boats would create. These riveted wonders have created a following unlike no other. People gather around, they drive miles with their boat in tow, they become friends, family, lifelong compadres.

Highly sought after these boats are, after one glimpse people contract a rare symptom called rivetitus. Once bitten, they set out on a journey that can only end when they own one of these riveted wonders.

So join us at one of the many get-togethers and check out these wonderful riveted boats, but beware, you may get rivetitus…



About this site...

We are a growing riveted site which focuses on vintage aluminum riveted boats from the past..

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Welcome to the new Feather Craft website.  I have upgraded the site to utilize the latest technology available.  The website has undergone several new modifications to allow for future growth... If you are new to the website then check it out, I hope that it provides you with the information you are looking for... If you are a regular visitor you will also find new features...
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This website is not affiliated with Feather Craft Boats. This website is a tribute to the fine aluminum boats made by the Feather Craft Boat Company between 1946 and 1969.This website is also dedicated to all the people who have worked at Feather Craft Boats and to the many people that have contributed to the information provided on this website. Further, this website is also dedicated to the people out there who have help save many of these boats from the scrap yard. This site has become a great resource of knowledge for anybody looking to restore an old aluminum boat, whether it is a minor restoration or a major overhaul... THANKS to all that contribute...


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