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Network Alert System


It's impossible to predict when an emergency will strike. But when it does, fast, accurate communication out to employees is paramount. Suddenly, the ability to get a warning message in front of at-risk staff becomes critical: every second counts during this highly-stressful time.

The FC-Techs' Panic Button empowers 'at-the-scene-employees' / first responders to immediately publish an emergency message, straight from their PC - without having to ask someone else to do so. By removing this step, saves valuable time and reduces risk.

Network Alert System

FC-Tech’s CovertCall is a Network Alert System that offers Mass Notifications technology for small companies, colleges, universities, schools and other academic institutions a powerful alert solution for Campus wide alerts.

CovertCall in Action

With the CovertCall in place your office or school has a unified emergency alert system with a centralized distribution console capable of targeting employees, faculty, alumni, staff, students and visitors simultaneously, informing them of the necessary steps to take in the event of an emergency.


Whether it was responding to a fire-drill or reacting to a bomb scare, many universities, schools, and small offices have been gravely disappointed at the response times and reactions of employees, their staff, and students during an emergency. The good news is that the effective placement of one, time-sensitive notification, can dramatically improve the rapid response by Staff, faculty, and student populations alike – if you can reach them.

Because your staff can't miss it

An Alert is a highly visual message with a real sense of ‘now’. It is effective for pushing communications that are urgent, or have high importance. Bypassing email systems completely, its interruptive nature means message cut-through is fast and reliable. By being a completely separate channel to email, an Alert avoids Outlook user ‘rules’ which often result in communications being ignored.

Alerts are useful for:

  • Breaking and Time Sensitive news - financial results, media announcements 
  • Systems outages - email or other applications are not working
  • Emergency/crisis communications - terrorism, weather, travel, product recall
  • Warnings - fraud alerts, security breaches, scam emails
  • Important policy updates
  • Change announcements
  • Important/urgent notifications
  • Countdown - new product or marketing campaigns
  • Mass Notifications

Special Features

  • Urgent or emergency display mode
  • Display messages directly on screen
  • Audible Sound is played when the notification arrives
  • Keep notifying even when the message is read (useful for targeting machines shared by shift workers)
  • Customized notification headline depending on alert
  • Real-time reporting provides critical metrics such as delivery and receipt of emergency alerts - so you know which staff have seen the message. You can even request employees to respond to confirm they are OK

No bulky network server is required

CovertCall does not require a network server to operate. CovertCall is based on a set of network seats.  CovertCall can work for two computers or 255 computers.  Just install the CovertCall software on all the computers on your network and it magically links to all other computers with CovertCall installed.  When program updates are available, update CovertCall on one computer and as others start up they will automatically update to the latest version.  

CovertCall Software Fees (USD) 

  • CovertCall - $199.95, includes 5 user licenses

License Fees (USD) 

Per user license - from as little as $9.00 per user up to $10.00 per user, per PC, depending on the number of user licenses purchased. Additional licenses (seats) can be added at anytime.

  • $10.00 per user license
  • $45.00 for package of 5 ($9.00 per license when bought as a 5 pack)

Included Benefits 

  • CORPORATE BRANDING OF MESSAGE SKINS - Simple branding/color overlay of the message skins is included in your license fees. Customize the message screens with your logo can be added for an additional fee.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT 24/7 – CovertCall provides a fully comprehensive, global Technical Support function. Our Technical Support team assist with unforeseen events and issues, as well as providing pro-active installation / deployment assistance to customers with the CovertCall solution.
  • CUSTOMER SUCCESS PROGRAM – The CovertCall Customer Success Team prides itself on providing world-class customer service post-purchase. Whether it be a fully supported customized on board program, operational training or simple feature refreshers, the dedicated CovertCall Customer Success Managers are there to assist with all your CovertCall needs. Read more about the CovertCall Difference here.
  • PEACE OF MIND TECHNOLOGY – CovertCall solution works out of the box every time.